I’ve participated at events all around the world and been interviewed for many sources.

One of my favorite ways to share my ideas is live on stage, where there’s so much more communication bandwidth than there is in writing, and I love interviews because they give me the opportunity to answer questions instead of just present my opinions.


International E-Commerce Webinar Week 2021


I was invited to speak at the International E-Commerce Webinar Week 2021, a series of webinars organized by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and others to help Japanese companies expand their business overseas.

Vercel Meetup #0 Fireside Chat with CEO

Vercel Meetup #0

A fireside chat with Vercel CEO about the future of the company, the state of the industry, and the importance of building a great product.

NHK Special 'Reiwa Future Debate' 2020

令和未来会議 2020“開国論”

A group debate on Japanese national TV about the future of Japan's foreign working class and the world.