I’m Nicolas Giaconia - living in Osaka, Japan, where I help make the Web Faster and more Global for everyone.

Ever since I was a child, I've been captivated by the power of languages and their ability to bring cultures together, bridging all differences. At the age of 10, I taught myself English and began exploring the world through books and the internet, which ultimately ignited my passion for technology and its potential to connect people across borders.

My love for languages didn't stop there. I continued to learn more languages and became fascinated by the idea of merging language and technology. This led me to study computer science, where I focused on creating user-friendly applications that cater to multilingual communities.

After getting my translation degree, I moved to Japan to immerse myself in the culture and refine my Japanese language skills. During this time, I worked on various projects, including the development of CRM and Marketing apps, which combined my passion for languages, technology, and helping others. My work in Japan also provided valuable experience in Leadership, Project and Country Management, Digital Marketing and Customer Success Management, which has allowed me to better understand the importance of tailoring user experiences to the diverse needs of global audiences.

Today, I'm a versatile software developer and marketing professional, leveraging my skills in front-end engineering, translation, and customer success management to create engaging user experiences and drive cross-cultural growth. My mission is to develop innovative solutions that empower people around the world to communicate, learn, and explore new horizons.