A Melody of Interests: How Mahjong, Music, and Web Development Come Together in Harmony

Throughout my life, I've cultivated a diverse range of interests, from becoming a professional mahjong player to learning about music and piano. These seemingly disparate passions have, in surprising ways, contributed to my growth as a web developer. In this blog post, I'll share some engaging stories and insights into how mahjong, music, and web development intersect and complement each other in my life.

Mastering Strategy: Lessons from the Mahjong Table

As a professional mahjong player, I've learned the importance of strategy, adaptability, and critical thinking. These skills have proven invaluable in my web development career, where I often face complex challenges that require innovative solutions. By applying the same strategic mindset I use at the mahjong table, I can effectively navigate the complexities of web development and create robust and efficient digital products.

Crafting Projects Around My Passion: Mahjong and Technology

My love for mahjong has also inspired me to create projects that combine my passion for the game with my technical skills. By developing web-based applications and tools for mahjong enthusiasts, I've been able to share my love for the game with a broader audience, while also refining my web development skills and gaining valuable experience.

Hitting the Right Notes: Music Theory and Web Development

Learning about music and piano, particularly music theory, has taught me the importance of structure, patterns, and harmony. These concepts can be applied to web development, where I strive to create organized and well-structured code that works in harmony with other components. By incorporating the principles of music theory, I can create more efficient and maintainable digital products.

A Symphony of Inspiration: Anime and Video Game Music

My interest in anime and video game music has served as a source of creative inspiration in my web development projects. The immersive and emotive qualities of this music inspire me to create digital experiences that evoke similar feelings of wonder and engagement. By incorporating elements from my favorite musical genres, I can design more captivating and emotionally resonant digital products.


My diverse interests in mahjong, music, and web development have come together in harmony, enriching my skills and inspiring me to create innovative and engaging digital products. By embracing the lessons learned from these passions, I continue to grow and evolve as a web developer, committed to crafting digital experiences that resonate with users and bring joy to their lives.